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The right roof will help protect the integrity of your home. The Maryland roofing contractors at Roofing By Elite can review your roof systems, roofing materials, and roof replacements to determine when you’ll need a new roof or if you’re only in need of roof repair.

If you’re noticing beams of light seeping through your roof, or water damage and stains, then you may be dealing with a leaky roof. If your roof hasn’t been reshingled or replaced within the last twenty years, depending on the roofing materials used, then you may want to consider having professional roofing contractors evaluate your roof.

Shingle Granules

Your gutters and downspouts can signal if you require a new or repaired roof as well. Be on the lookout for shingle granules. These granules indicate that your roof is deteriorating and may not be offering your home all of the protection it needs. If you find that shingles are chipped, damaged, or warping, contact an experienced roofing contractor.

Mold and Leaky Roofing

Untreated issues, like mold due to leaky roofing, may lead to more serious health risks in the future. An adept roofing contractor can help you repair or replace your roof when necessary. Speak with the contractors at Roofing By Elite for your home and roofing contractor Maryland needs.

Professional Roofing Services Offered

If you’ve noticed the signs of a deteriorating roof, contact skillful Maryland contractors in your community. Roofing By Elite provides the following professional roofing services including:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Roof & Attic Insulation
  • Gutter Services
  • Siding Installation and Repair
  • Skylights

Before you decide on a new roof, a professional contractor can help you notice the signs of damage on your roof, and communicate when you need to repair it or replace the entire thing. Our knowledgeable roofing professionals want you to consider the following before you decide on your roofing repair or replacement:

Roof’s Age

The materials used on your roof will determine how long it lasts. Knowing when your roof was installed or repaired is essential. Metal roofs tend to last longer than asphalt ones. If your roof shows signs of leaking, storm damage, or other issues, it might be time to replace it. Don’t waste money on endless repairs; speak with an experienced roofing professional first.

Leaking Roofs

Water damage and stains in your attic will signal a leaking roof. Sometimes this may be due to faulty gutters, so have a professional evaluate your roofing systems. Home contractors can find the source of the leak and treat them before they lead to:

  • Mildew and mold
  • Rotting shingles
  • Rotting framing
  • Damaged insulation
  • Water damaged ceilings and walls

The Extent of The Roof Damage

Significant damage and deterioration are tale-tell signs that you need a better roof. A professional Maryland roofing contractor can help you determine just how damaged the structure is. Look for the following signs when determining the extent of damage to your roofing system:

  • Visual damage
  • Shingles look old and weathered
  • Moss or algae
  • Roofing material looks old and worn
  • Structural damage
  • Shingles are curled or cracked
  • Bald spots on shingles
  • Dented asphalt

Your home is an investment, so a good roofing system can be seen as insurance for that investment. Maintaining your roof is one of the best things you can do towards your investment. A good roof will keep your home well insulated and protect it in inclement weather. Roof repair and replacement can provide the following additional benefits:

Reduces Risk of Future Damage

Even the most durable roofing systems will need some ongoing maintenance over time. The materials you choose will determine how your roof can withstand wind storms or standing water. If homeowners cannot protect their roofs, it could lead to damage and costly repairs.

Water Damage

Water damage will cause shingles to deteriorate. Remember, it’s easier and more cost-effective to maintain your roof than replace it. Contact Roofing By Elite for your Maryland home contracting and roof care needs.

Increases Your Property Value

Whether you have an aluminum, steel, or copper roofing system, a properly maintained roof can help increase your home’s curbside appeal and property value. If you are ready to put your property up for sale, potential buyers will inspect its roof. If the inspector discovers roof damage, you will lose potential buyers and need to reduce your asking price.

Enhances Your Curb Appeal

It will be hard to sell your home if your roof has visible damage. Water spots on the ceilings and walls can make your home appear ill-maintained. Potential buyers might lose interest in even seeing the rest of the home when they immediately notice how poorly kept the facade is. A Maryland roofing company can help you repair your roof and improve the house’s looks before hitting the market.

Extends the Life of Your Roof

Properly maintaining your Maryland roof and home can increase their lifespan. Prospective buyers will want to see receipts of roof repairs and when the replacement is due before investing in your home. Knowing they won’t have to do a roof replacement and routine repairs have been made can help you sell your home more quickly and extend the life of your roof.

Your roof is one of the most crucial aspects of your home. It protects you from water damage, harsh storms, and inclement weather conditions. It also can be one of the costlier parts of your home to fix, especially when you’re working with inexperienced roofing specialists. When you decide to invest in roofing repair, you want to be sure that you're working with reputable roofers.

Doing a little research can help to ensure you're working with experienced professionals. Also, you’ll want to consider your available free time, the cost of materials, safety hazards, your level of training and experience, and more before beginning your roof repair or replacement project.

Contractors know what to buy, while inexperienced roof repairmen waste your money buying the wrong parts. Doing it yourself is possible when you have the knowledge and resources to complete the task. However, that could also entail purchasing all of the equipment to complete the job.

Professional roofing specialists are standing by at any moment to be of assistance. Your roofing contractor will know how to inspect any damage to your roof and identify the source of those issues using infrared scanning. Contact Roofing By Elite today for your roof evaluation or review your roofing contract.

Before you hire a Maryland roofing company to get started on your roof project, you must meet with your contractor first to read through the contract before signing it. Look for the following contractual elements before deciding on your Maryland roofing company:

Building Permits

Before repairing or replacing your roof, you’ll need to obtain a permit. If your contractor obtains them, then all the building permits they attained, and costs should be listed in your roofing contract.

Insurance Information

If your roofing project causes injuries due to an on-site accident, you’ll want to avoid any compensation claims. You can do this by making sure you include the details about workmen’s compensation and liability insurance in your contract.


Your contract’s installation procedure should include basic safety measures, hours they’ll be working, and all other specifics regarding the installation method. Make sure your contractor = also clarifies how old materials will be gotten rid of.


Your roof contract should also include the mode and period of payments. This can help you avoid any financial misunderstandings throughout the contract. It’s also important to include what happens if there’s a workmanship error in your contract.

Project Description

An important detail that your roofing contract should include is the details of the project. You’ll want to have in writing which materials will be used, the start and end date, removal procedure for the old roof, and other details related to the roofing project. You and your Maryland roofing company should have an agreed-upon plan in writing in the event of any problems in the future.

Termination Options

You want to be allowed to terminate the job if necessary, and it’s important that your contract specifically states that. The contract should specifically state the notice period, payment arrangements, and compensation against damages. It’s imperative to understand any stipulations in place before signing the contract.

Warranty Information

Professional roofers believe the first thing you should look for in a contract is the warranty. You’ll want to have this information outlined in writing just in case your roof gets damaged. This can happen earlier than expected, or your roof could be damaged due to improper installation. Warranties can help you avoid paying for any unwarranted costly repairs.

Replacing your roof can take time, especially when issues arise. Experienced Maryland roofing professionals know what needs to be done and how to complete those tasks efficiently. Hiring a professional roofer can be more time and cost-efficient for many homes and business owners. Professionals will have the equipment and safety gear necessary and know what to look for.

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Professional Roofing Services Offered

If you’ve noticed the signs of a deteriorating roof, contact skillful Maryland contractors in your community. Roofing By Elite provides the following professional roofing services including:

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Doing a roof repair yourself can be costly and hazardous. Unless you are a professional, it’s always best to contact a roofing contractor in Maryland. The professional contractors at Roofing By Elite will help you determine how much damage your roof has, the source of the damage, and any potential future issues.

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