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Gutter Cleaning Keeps Your Investment Safe and Sound

Maintaining your Maryland home is a necessary – if unglamorous – aspect of adulthood. It involves taking care of the structure of your home to ensure it remains safe and secure for you and your family.

People often tend to overlook their gutters when cleaning and updating their homes. However, gutters are an integral part of your home’s structure—they channel the flow of rainwater, protect your walls, roof, and garden, among other things. 

A clogged gutter can damage your roof and the foundation of your home by impeding the flow of water and causing it to overflow and stagnate—eventually requiring costly repairs to overhaul your entire roof. In addition, when a gutter overflows, rainwater may drip too close to the foundation and make it unstable over time. 

What a Clogged Gutter Could Mean for You

Accumulation of debris in your gutter attracts rodents, insects, nesting birds, and infestation by nasty critters—which can create a potentially hazardous situation for your family.

It’s easy to overlook your gutters. However, they, along with your roof, are critical to your home’s protection. Not only does it give you an attractive-looking home, but it also directs rain away from the roof and foundation. 

You also want to protect your investment. A nicely maintained gutter adds to the aesthetic of your home, while clogged gutters lower the overall value—especially if you intend to sell. While it may look like an easy job to do on your own, it’s always wise to hire professionals who know what to look for, have the right tools, and can spot any issues as they occur. 

We Can Help With Your Gutter Installation

New homeowners might look at the task of home maintenance and start to wonder if gutters are necessary to their home or if they just provide a decorative look. While we agree that a professional installation gives your home a clean, crisp edge, its purpose extends beyond mere adornment.

Gutter installation protects your home by guiding the flow of rain and stormwater away from the roof and the foundation of your house, protecting the homeowner from extensive, nightmarish, and expensive repairs, basement leaks, roof damage, and structural instability.

Not only that, but gutter installation protects your landscaping and neighborhood. Without installed gutters, rainwater can cut a path through your yard as well as the houses next door, create ditches, pool and stagnate, and kill flowers, gardens, and lawns.

You can perform a gutter installation yourself—especially if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer and are comfortable on a ladder. Handy homeowners may be able to install sectional gutters on their own. However, seamless gutters will require a qualified, certified professional in Maryland. 

Is It Time for a Gutter Replacement?

If you already have an existing gutter, keeping an eye out on it allows you to identify when you require a gutter replacement.

Routinely look for cracks, chips, gaps, or fractures in your gutter. Also, keep an eye out for peeling paint, rust, and the following signs:

  • Soil erosion
  • A sagging gutter
  • Stagnant water 
  • Mold or mildew
  • Cracked foundation

While a painted gutter gives your home a lovely pop, make sure you’re not painting over rust or other gutter damage. A little rust may be ok, but excessive rust might indicate the need for gutter replacement or gutter repair. 

Always have a Maryland professional like Roofing by Elite take a look before you decide to paint. We can look for signs of wear and tear that need to be repaired before considering beautifying your home.

Proper Gutter Protection Can Keep Your Home Safe

gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters might seem like a straightforward task, but there is a correct way and a painful way. Injuring yourself on a tall ladder is much easier than you might imagine. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 100,000 ER visits happen as a result of ladder-related injuries annually.

It’s essential to take precautions to keep yourself safe while maintaining your home by exercising the following tips:

  • Learn how to use your ladder safely, check for any dents or loose parts
  • Protect your hands with gloves
  • Protect your eyes with goggles or glasses
  • Wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes
  • Avoid power lines
  • Invest in a gutter guard to keep your gutters free of debris, dirt, and leaves
  • Always have a spotter
  • Don’t overreach

A quality gutter guard can cut down on your routine gutter protection in Maryland. 

Clean and debris-free gutters speak for themselves. Rainwater that moves away from your house and roof reduces the risk of water damage to your garden, neighborhood, home, and foundation. 

The next time it rains, pay attention to how it falls. If you can hear water falling over the sides of the gutter, the gutter may be clogged, or it may not be properly installed. Any peeling paint, mold, mildew, or rotten wood could also indicate a clog. Also, look for puddles of water that stagnate outside of your house that could mean drainage problems.

How Professional Gutter Services Can Ease Your Life

Gutters provide an essential service that homeowners can overlook. Their job is to divert rain flow away from your house. Heavy storms can wreak damage to your long-term investment, including your windows, sidings, doors, and foundation. They also protect your yard and prevent erosion and basement flooding.

Deciding not to install gutters could result in costly repairs, including structural damage and water damage issues. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to get on a ladder and maintain your gutters in Maryland, or if your house is over a story tall, don’t stress out and reach out to an expert on gutter installation, replacement, cleaning, and repairs.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, we are here to help. You don’t want to risk a job that isn’t done correctly or overlook any red flags. Plus, regular maintenance can be time and labor-intensive and take up your entire day.

A quality professional gutter service, such as Roofing by Elite, should always provide warranties and consultations. The money you invest will be far less than fixing a damaged roof or foundation, and often by the time you notice something is off, it’s too late. 

Do You Need Your Gutters Cleaned?

Cleaning your gutters can be a dirty and potentially dangerous job. Our professional team is always available to assist. We’ll climb the ladders and maintain your gutters for you. 

You can rest with peace of mind knowing that your house is being looked after and all you have to do is relax.

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