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Since 1989, Elite commercial and residential Roofing contractors have serviced and installed thousands of metal roof systems in the Maryland areas. We specialize in gutters and down spouts, seamless aluminum, half round copper, commercial box systems as well as siding and soffit. If you reside in Baltimore, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Frederick County or any other area in Maryland and would like a free roofing estimate, please contact us today.

Metal Roof Systems – What are the Benefits?

Sheet metal roofs have slowly evolved over the years as one of the most popular and desired roofing systems for homes and businesses. The positive features of a sheet metal roof are it’s beauty, long lasting durability, low maintenance and long term cost savings.Longevity is the hallmark of metal roofing systems, and when properly constructed, these roof systems are virtually maintenance free and can easily last for fifty years or more. A metal roof is made with non-combustible materials, will not deteriorate and can withstand all types of harsh weather including extreme heat, wind, snow and ice, and are more durable than any other roofing materials.

Metal Roofing- A Substantial Return on Investment

While the upfront cost may be more expensive, a sheet metal roof can last up to three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. As a result, the money that is saved by having lower utility bills throughout the seasons accumulates, and over the course of time can be quite substantial. It is understandable why a home or business owner would want to avoid the higher upfront costs, but when factoring in the ” no maintenance ” variable and the long term savings, the bigger initial investment is well worth it.

Energy Efficient / Lower Utility Bills

Metal Roofing systems are more energy efficient than conventional asphalt shingle roofs, as they reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them. This naturally results in a lower surface temperature, which in turn cuts down on air conditioning costs. This will result in lower monthly utility bills, which will be added cost savings over time. An energy saving sheet metal roof may qualify the homeowner for government tax rebates and incentives. Please visit to see what the current rebates are when installing a metal roof.

The construction and application of metal roofing is an art in craftsmanship, and when completed by an experienced contractor, will result in an an amazing aesthetic view and bring increased curb appeal to the property. The materials used on a metal roofing system will provide the structure with a very distinctive look that is unmatched by any other type of materials, and the longevity and added durability will increase the property’s value. On residential applications, some home owners choose to use metal roofing simply as an accent to create a more unique look, while some prefer to use metal fabrication on their entire roof. Either way, the end result will be a stunning, eye pleasing addition that will bring added value to the home.

Roofing By Elite

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