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Elite Roofing offer a broad range of roofing related services including the installation of single-ply roofs.

For those uncertain of the parameters when looking into a single ply roof option, the term essentially covers any roof created from sheets of pressed or formed synthetic compound material. These single ply panels can be manufactured in a range of sizes and offer a durable and flexible roof alternative to a conventional shingle or corrugated roof. Furthermore, the inherent processes involved in their manufacture and the type of materials used (generally thermoset or thermoplastics), result in a roof type with exceptional longevity.

Thermoplastic single ply roofing sheets or panels are constructed from plastic polymers using a unique process which enhances rigidity and at the same time provides the requisite flexibility. The flexibility and resistance to cracking is achieved in part by the inclusion of a fiberglass layer in the panel which makes the single ply roofs impervious to shock and impact damage, the result being a roof type which can be installed/fastened in a variety of different ways and in a variety of applications.

Thermoplastic and other sheet types are available in various thicknesses generally ranging from 30 mils to 60 mils. When your roofing contractor evaluates the installation he will be able to recommend a sheet specification and attachment method which provides the best balance between longevity and cost.

Attaching Single-Ply Roofing Systems

Again, any experienced roofing contractor will be able to determine the most appropriate method of attaching the panels to the roof structure. This is generally achieved via some combination of a mechanical attachment device and adhesive. On installations utilizing roof supports able to handle the additional weight, a ballast may be used to help secure the panels. Generally the panels are finished and do not require the application of paints or other surface treatments, though some flashing is generally required.

What are the factors to consider when selecting a suitable roof construction material?

There are various factors to consider, not least of which:

1 – Costs

In most cases cost will be the main factor in deciding on the roof type used. Sheet metal roofs, shingles, thermoplastic / thermoset / bitumen single-ply roofs, all have their unique advantages.

Also, one must factor labor costs carefully alongside material costs. Material suppliers will quote a cost per square foot for a product which may appear on the surface to make it commercially attractive, yet when labor is factored it may be less so. Elite can help you determine the best approach to your project and review your options along with a detailed cost analysis.

2 – Building Code Requirements

There are always code issues to consider, and it may be the case that certain building codes for specific areas might preclude the use of a particular material type or installation method. Elite Roofing can help you determine what is and what is not permissible within the constraints of your local area building code.

3 – Location and Local Conditions

Clearly there is a need to match the roof type to the environment and there are often specific roof types which lend themselves better to certain conditions. Single-Ply roofs have their advantages over metal and shingle roofs in certain cases, but these need to be looked at carefully with your roofing professional.

4 – Installation type – existing or new

if the roof structure is existing and the budget does not extend to a rework of the structure, then certain roofing types and materials may be precluded. On existing building it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive roofing survey before any decision is made on which is the most appropriate approach to re-roofing.

So there are a variety of considerations to be made and we recommend involving us as early in the project as possible, so we can guide you into making the right choices for your specific building.

Our services included design, planning, installation etc, and we offer our services on most commercial and non-commercial applications and we install a variety of roofing types – click to learn more about shingle roofs.

Elite have an excellent reputation in the Maryland and surrounding States, including DC and Virginia. We have a 96% on-time completion rate, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed, withing budget, on time and to your complete satisfaction.

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